European values will not defend themselves, the EU must step in

„A fundamental reversal of undemocratic reforms [in Poland] will not happen on its own. Since 2015 Warsaw has built a track record of ignoring suggestions of the European Commission and refusing dialogue with the opposition and civil society. As a result we are witnessing the build-up of a non-democratic state in the heart of a European Union built on respect for democratic standards.

Right now one of the major pillars of resistance – if not the most crucial one – is the Polish civil society. It can fight back through online campaigns, watchdogs, think tanks and community organizers helping people mobilize. And, looking forward, through citizens who gain experience in civil society organizations and become new leaders. It might be up to them to underpin democratic consciousness and revive a pro-European notion in the Polish society.

But at a time when organized civil society is needed the most it lacks resources to engage. That’s why the European Union should step in”, write Adam Traczyk and Jan Jakub Chromiec.

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EurActiv: European values will not defend themselves

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