About Global.Lab

Global.Lab is an independent think-tank focused on international affairs, working to increase common knowledge of global political, ecological, social and economic issues. Through our work we want to support the development of the civil society in Poland and raise public awareness of international relations with the specific focus on non-western world issues. We are engaged in the promotion of the ideas in international politics that are characterized by the respect for human rights, cultural diversity and sustainable development.  By forming the critical opinions on various topics we intend to influence the direction of the Polish public debate concerning international relations.

The Global.Lab team comprises young experts on international politics who gained their professional experience in Polish and international NGOs and think-tanks, as well as public research institutes, public administration, and international organizations.

We fulfill our goals through the educational and research activities, organization of conferences, seminars, workshops and trainings, issuing publications, as well as cooperation with Polish and international organizations that share the same values and aims as Global.Lab.

We want Global.Lab to become the forum of exchange of ideas concerning international politics. If you are interested in helping us to develop our project, do not hesitate to contact us.

There are three main areas of our interest:
•    International politics
•    Sustainable development
•    Democracy and human rights

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